Saturday, March 12, 2011

Singing Through the Silver Tube

I love flute and all its possibilities, but I have always wished I could be a singer. Though my voice is not up to the task of expressing emotion through beautiful songs, I am so grateful I found my voice by sending breath through a beautiful silver tube.  I long to communicate emotions as clearly through my flute as the singers below communicate them with amazing voices and timeless songs.  It's a long road to get even close to that goal, but I'm happy to be on the journey!

These five YouTube videos are performances I come back to again and again to light that spark of inspiration that helps me remember why I love music and fuel me with motivation to head to the practice room.

Cecilia Bartoli, Mezzo-Soprano
Life, energy, character, passion - this is a truly moving performance!

Kristen Chenoweth, Soprano
Such refinement and hilarity in the same performance - bet you can't watch it just once :).

Adam Lambert
Notice how open his mouth and throat are during the long, high notes!

Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland
So tender, sincere and joyful - such beauty.

Luciano Pavorotti, Tenor
Nessun Dorma
There are no words to describe the emotions I feel when I watch this performance.