Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sound Sheets

Sound sheets are an amazing way to not only start the journey towards your ideal sound, but also to visualize, brainstorm, collect ideas and teach yourself all about your new sound.

Step 1: A strong, clear title that specifically describes your ideal "home base" sound.
Step 2: An image (or images) that visually represent or inspire your ideal sound.
Step 3: An ongoing list in your own language of light bulb moments and discoveries. You can constantly refer back to this list to turn a "bad sound day" into an amazing sound day!

I recommend putting your sound sheet in a plastic sleeve and keeping it on your stand at all times. (For the first year that I used my sound sheet, I had it on my stand even during orchestra rehearsals!) Soon, your treasure trove of brilliant ideas will become a part of you and you will have the sound you dreamed about when you started working on your sound sheet. Click on the sound sheet image to see an enlarged version of my personal sound sheet.

by Terri Sanchez