Monday, December 21, 2015

Double-Tonguing Fun (My Christmas Present To You!)

Scroll down to get my Christmas present to you!

Tonight (or last night, rather... it's now almost 2am on Monday), I stayed up late wrapping Christmas presents for my family.  When I sat down at the computer, determined to write a blog post before going to bed (so I could have true "vacation sleep" with no cares on my mind), I realized the best idea was to post a present for YOU!

Click on the link below if you like double-tonguing, need a fun double-tonguing warm-up, like Katy Perry, and/or you just like presents or free music!  Since I haven't figured out all the copyright details involved, I will just say that if you happen to want to print out this warm-up AND listen to the video below at the exact same time that you play it (and you happen to want to use the beat in the video to help you count rests and play along), it might work out quite nicely... 

*play along with the video below for fun

Merry Christmas and Happy Practicing!

Terri S├ínchez

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