Monday, December 7, 2015

Permission To Take A Practice Break

Let's be honest.  If you didn't really need or want a practice break, you wouldn't have clicked on this blog post.  For this particular post, I'm going to keep it very, very simple.  I want you to open your calendar, decide the very NEXT time you're going to have a productive practice session, and then... enjoy your time off from practicing!

This post is a gift to you and a gift to myself.  Just like so many music students and colleagues I talk to, I have trouble letting go and realizing that taking it easy for a little while is the smartest and healthiest thing I could do.  Tonight, I'm letting myself off the hook by writing a post in under 15 minutes so that I can use the rest of my teaching break this evening to RELAX instead of work, work, work.  

If you clicked on this post and have read this far, I hope you'll join me in taking a guilt-free 15 minute, or maybe a 1 hour, or maybe even an entire afternoon or evening off from worrying about practicing and "to-do"s.  Enjoy your break, restore your energy, and when the time comes for you to dive back in, enjoy the dive!

Happy Practicing.... NEXT time!

Terri Sánchez 

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