Monday, January 18, 2016

Free... Printable... Heartbeat Rhythm Warm-up

Since I've dedicated my January blog posts to counting, feeling, and teaching rhythms, I thought today would be a good time to write a fun, rhythmic warm-up.  

If you've read my blog much at all, you know that I'm a fan of:

1) Productive procrastination
2) Practicing along with pop music
3) Anything that makes practicing (especially warming up) fun!

I got quite a kick out of writing this today.  I'm a Kelly Clarkson fan (have been, ever since she won American Idol in 2002), it helped me get in shape for an upcoming recital (when you play a warm-up over and over again, it's quite good for embouchure and breathing), and it definitely helped me "productively procrastinate" quite a few tasks on my to-do list... 

Without further adieu, here is my "Heartbeat Rhythm Warm-up."  It is free to download, print, play, and share!  Since I still haven't figured out the copyright thing (if anyone wants to give me some advice, feel free!), I will just say that, 

"If you happen to want to play this along with the Kelly Clarkson Heartbeat Song official video on Youtube, it might work out quite nicely!"

Happy Practicing!

Terri Sánchez

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