Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Aspiring Flutist's Practice Companion is done!!!

I'm done with my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon Berry at Carolyn Nussbaum Music Co. showcasing
The Aspiring Flutist's Practice Companion.

When I began writing The Aspiring Flutist's Practice Companion, I had no idea what a big project it would become. I started over more times than I can count, re-envisioning, rearranging, and re-editing as much as I could... searching for the "perfect" book I wanted to create. It wasn't until I decided that self-compassion, creativity, and a perfectly imperfect approach was necessary that I could finally make it all happen. 

Right before this picture was taken, I drove to Carolyn Nussbaum Music Co. to take a look at the prototype and hopefully say YES to printing. I still worried that there would be some tragic imperfection that made it necessary to go back to square one (yet again). When I saw the beautiful cover, flipped through the contents, and weighed whether the handful of tiny imperfections were worth postponing the release (even after all the editing, I still caught 3 typos and a couple of the musical examples look pixelated), something inside of me called out, quit worrying! This is an awesome book! It's time to be done and share this with others!

So I said YES! 

In a couple of weeks, at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention in San Antonio, my book will be for sale (for the first time!) at the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Co. booth. After that, it will be available at!

I cannot wait for you to read it... and try the practice games... and practice the exercises. I hope you get some great ideas for practicing in more productive, enjoyable, and fulfilling ways. I hope that you keep the book in your flute bag and turn to it anytime you need some company in the middle of a practice session. 

I hope you'll email me anytime you have a comment, question, idea for the blog, or anything else you'd like to share ( Stay tuned for new pages, new types of posts, and more pop music descants!

Happy Practicing!