Sunday, April 30, 2017

BIG Goal for May 2017

It's been a BUSY semester, but I'm very excited about diving into this blog every day for the month of May (see why below)!!

Every single day in the month of May, I will either post a FREE printable or a NEW exercise or technique to try out with students in lessons or yourself in a practice session. These are things ON TOP of all the practice games, techniques, and exercises in The Aspiring Flutist's Practice Companion!

I will be posting something NEW and FREE every single day during the month of May in order to raise awareness and support for my goal... my big big goal...

My big big goal is to get all of my students in the Maverick Flute Choir to the National Flute Association Convention in Minneapolis, MN this year with their plane tickets, hotel rooms, memberships, fees, and spending money fundraised!! UTA Music Department is busting at the seams with growth right now and doesn't have a lot of funds to help us with this trip. Additionally, many of my students have to work a significant amount of hours during the school year just to make ends meet and saving for a trip like this feels out of reach to them. Only 4 out of the 12 members attending this understand how amazing NFA is and the 8 that would be attending for the first time probably aren't processing how big of a deal it is for our flute choir to perform Princess & The Dragon for such a wonderful audience at the convention.

If you feel inspired to donate right now, here is our Go Fund Me link:

Soon, I will post sneak peaks at our BEAUTIFUL practice journal (available by May 15th) that will be mailed out to any person donating $40 or more to our GoFundMe Campaign!

Happy Practicing!
Terri S├ínchez