Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Little Insight Goes A Long Way!

Post 10 of 31 for May 2017!

Today's post is about the power of insight!

Try this simple exercise:

1 - Print out two copies of the free printable PDF below.
2 - Grab a pen and get ready to use one of the sheets.
3 - Set a timer for one-minute and begin circling numbers in order (circle 1 first, then find 2 and circle it, etc.). Stop when the timer goes off and then read the next set of instructions.  
How many were you able to circle?

Spoiler Alert!!! 
Don't scroll down until you've done the first three instructions!

Okay... have you done the three steps? Good!

1 - Take the second sheet and fold once in half hamburger style.

2 - Now, fold in half again and press down on the folds so that when you open the page up you see creases that divide the page into four equal parts.

3 - In a moment, you're going to set your timer for one minute again and circle the numbers in order like you did last time, but I'm going to give you a little insight into the process first! 

You will find the number 1 in the top left quadrant, 
the number 2 in the top right quadrant,
the number 3 in the bottom left quadrant, 
and the number 4 in the bottom right quadrant. 

Keep reading left to right, first top then bottom, 
as you circle the numbers in order. 

Set the timer for one minute and go!

How many were you able to circle this time?

I absolutely love this exercise because it is a powerful illustration of how much insight (knowledge, strategies, understanding) and systematic exploration can completely transform your practice.

When you go about practicing in a random or haphazard way, you will probably find solutions and make improvements, but at a significantly slower pace than when you connect with the advice from a good teacher, inspiration from listening to great recordings or live concerts, or even practice plans you design yourself!

Happy Practicing!
Terri Sànchez

P.S. Looking forward to posting some more free printable descants to go with pop tunes soon! Fun! 

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