Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Best Practicing Secret Ever

Post 11 of 31 for May 2017!

The Best Practicing Secret Ever PDF

Click the link above to download a free printable PDF of "The Best Practicing Secret Ever."

Keep this page with your music and look at it anytime you feel stuck, frustrated, or not good enough. 

If you have your flute in your hands and are physically, mentally, or emotionally bracing for the hard work ahead, realize that your discomfort is sending you a message. Look at The Best Practicing Secret Ever page to remind you about the secret passageway to get more of what you are wanting than you even realized you could have!

The concepts on this sheet count for the small things, the big things, and everything in between. To learn a tricky passage, find your beautiful tone, or conquer goals you've had forever, the secret is dive deep into the patience that comes from immeasurable things like beauty, faith, gratitude, and more! 

If this seems too heavy duty for you at the moment, just remember that this PDF is here for you later if you need it. 

Happy Practicing! 
Terri Sànchez

P.S. Thank you for those of you starting to offer donations! I will update the Maverick Flute Choir GoFundMe Campaign with offline donations at some point next week. Next week is also the roll out for The Musician's Inspiration Practice Journal - you're going to love it!