Friday, May 26, 2017

The Practice Honesty Awesomeness Policy

I was about to ask your permission to rant on this blog post topic, but then I realized, I can just give myself permission!

Here goes my rant... 

You've got to be honest when you practice. Really. 


face-yourself-be-real-and-quit-with-the-excuses honest. 

Think about it for a second. 

During a typical practice session, how many bobbles do you let slip by without addressing them?

How many times have you only felt 75% certain of the notes flying by when you knew that you could reach 100% certainty with more time, patience, and creative practice?

Is it common for you to accidentally turn into a flute robot, just "getting the job done" and not including your musical knowledge, artistic sensibilities, and whole self in the practice project?

Don't get me wrong... despite the Prof. Umbridge picture above, I'm not here to call you out. In fact, I'm writing this post to do the opposite!

You see, I know the reason why the bobbles, the insecurities, and the autopilot practicing happens too often. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you believe that you're doing the best you can! Part of you must feel like ignoring or denying the mistakes is easier. There is definitely fear of some kind, otherwise, you wouldn't have a reason for avoiding more quality practice. 

I have some WONDERFUL news for you. Really wonderful news.






makes you WAY, WAY more awesome as a flute player. 

The problem with ignoring your practicing issues (or worse yet, becoming desensitized to them), is that you create negative ripple effects in the rest of your practicing and performing. 

When you are dishonest, even for a few minutes of practicing, bobbles, mess, and other problems accumulate pretty quickly!
A little bobble today turns into a persistent irritation with a "hard part" tomorrow, and possibly an awkward or frustrating moment in your next performance! 

However, if you deal with the messy spot in your music right here, right now, you have basically created a much more positive "flute future." 

When I make mistakes, I'm actually HAPPY. 

Not just "be positive and happy because I think I'm supposed to be" happy, but really and truly happy!

Mistakes are clues. Mistakes are gifts. Dealing with mistakes helps you enter a magic time machine and give your future self the muscle memory, confidence, and connection you will need for that awesome future performance! 

Becoming an honest practicer may take some time, but if you dedicate yourself to more and more honesty each time you practice, you will find out that what I am saying is true. 

Easier, better, way more AWESOME practice is as easy as facing your mistakes, dealing with them, and enjoying the lighthearted feeling you earn when there's no guilt or denial in your practice sessions. 

Happy Practicing!
Terri Sánchez

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