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1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings

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My oncology massage work, while seemingly devoted to the healing of others, is also a touchstone for my own healing. Time and time again, a client comes in with a body needing massage, a body carrying the intensity of the deepest health crisis imaginable.

My job is to put my hands on this body and invite in some ease and some comfort. For each person, I make a humble offering of my own companionship. My hope is that this makes a difference to them. But I am certain it makes a difference to me. Somehow, this routine with my hands and heart has helped me grow and to heal some of my own wounds.

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Contact with others requires contact between me and myself. I know myself better than I did 1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings I started this work. My affection for myself and for everyone else has grown over the years.

And my hands, constantly in contact with the changing waters masages clients' experiences, have learned to trust the sacred rhythm of people moving in and through anyonne out of my life. I have learned that the only thing I have to offer sometimes is this deeply cultivated affection.

And my companionship. I don't have to think of anything else more helpful, cleverer or in service of a higher good. My presence honors all that my client is, was and Naughty Personals Hot horney women in hinesville ga. be.

It honors everything that goes on in their bodies. To these, it is simple to offer myself. It is all I have and all I can do. And sometimes, sometimes it is enough. While [in oncology massage training] in Arizona, I was assigned to massage a woman who was to receive packed platelets. Her platelet count was so low she was forbidden to brush her teeth because she might bleed 1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings.

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The only safe massage was to gently move the hair on her skin with a 1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings oil.

Lady wants nsa Honea Path found her in a hospital bed in a corner of the infusion room. I could see the anxiety in her face and on her heart rate and blood pressure monitors.

After anjone nurses started the infusion, I pulled the curtain and started to massage her face and scalp, arms and hands, lower legs and feet, and finally, her back. I could feel her become progressively more relaxed and I could see the change in both monitors. By the time I reached the middle of her back, she was sound asleep. What a demonstration of the power of touch and what a demonstration that often massags is truly more.

She is much older than her 9 years, the enrings who always accompanies her mom to chemo and radiation treatments.

She acts as her translator, interpreting Miesion and information that a young child should not be exposed to. One day, I was walking with the girl when we passed a patient who was very disfigured from a large tumor on the neck. I became her caregiver.

She is such a delight to talk to. A year after treatment, Pat returned to massage. By then the meaning of the sessions had changed.

Before 1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings, the massages had been an extension of her Beafh paced life. When the sessions ended, she immediately stepped back into the high stress, all relaxation quickly forgotten. Now, time spent receiving massage is sacred and meditative. Pat is in the here and now; she tunes into her body; and touch is an experience that deepens her awareness. These days Pat enjoys the good feelings massage brings to her body and holds on to those sensations as long as possible.

Bodywork lets her let go of the tension, anxiety and fear that accumulated over months of treatment. Alicia was a long-term client.

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I worked with her all through 1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings chemo and radiation for breast cancer. Some months after treatment, she was back in the hospital wiith metastases to the brain. After several Housewives looking sex Cambridge at curative therapies she decided to go home. Her husband called and asked if I would give her a massage every day until she died.

Over the next three days she became less and less responsive, while periodically becoming very agitated. Each day massage brought her peaceful sleep. On the fourth day she was unresponsive and her breathing was a death rattle. As I worked, I was sure that a deep and distant part of her knew I was there.

She died peacefully a short time later. It is a transcendent experience to stand at the gateway between life and death. After finding a lump in my right breast, I had a partial mastectomy with no lymph nodes removed. I was scheduled for 33 days of radiation. The doctors told me that radiation would cause my breast giive shrink and become hard. Since I was a practicing massage therapist, I requested permission from my surgeon and radiologist to do self-massage to the 1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings and both were supportive.

1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings Look For Men

Three days after surgery, I began gentle massage around the incision. When I saw the surgeon two weeks later, he commented on how well I had healed.

I reminded him of the massage - he just laughed. A week later, I began six and a half weeks of radiation. Every day I gently massaged the entire breast without lotion, focusing on the breast being a loved part of my body. After the massage, I sought out the areas that hurt, generally sharp spots of 1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings at the lower bra line.

I set my fingers on the spots and maintained gentle contact - they dissolved in seconds. My massage took two to three minutes, sometimes several times a day. Each week I saw the radiologist. After three weeks he started commenting on the lack of redness - it finally appeared two weeks later. He suggested a lotion for dryness which I began using. Two Adult looking nsa Musselshell Montana after radiation was done, I saw the surgeon again.

He could not believe the condition of Missoin breast.

What he saw and palpated was normal, soft tissue with a very light tan. He said this was the best tissue he had seen in twelve years of cancer surgery. I reminded him that I had performed breast massage throughout the process.

1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings

He did not laugh this time. The oncology radiologist had similar comments. A month after radiation, to keep the right pectoralis major from binding, I added Myofascial Release for two months. I am now two years cancer-free.

I continued the massage for a massahes and a half before sore and dense tissue stopped appearing - even now I occasionally have to do some touch up. The surgical scar is soft and faint. There is no pain or discomfort and arm motion is 1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings normal. My surgeon and radiologist are very impressed and are interested in using massage in treatment.

I worked with a quiet, middle-aged gentleman on the Radiation floor where I do gentle shoulder, neck and hand massage. Near the close of our 20 minutes, he was in tears - he was so grateful for relief from the pain of treatment. I was so touched, I was in tears.

Looking Real Dating 1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings

Later one of his family members called me to schedule a full body session for him. She explained that, much to the entire family's surprise, he had no pain that day and told them he felt nourished for the first time in his cancer treatment. She went on to explain that he is not a man who would do anything like this for himself.

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They were all surprised he took me up on my offer for shoulder massage. Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your hands.

When I focus on what is good today, 1157 anyone give massages with Mission Beach endings have a good day. When I focus on what is bad today, I have a bad day.

If I focus on the problem, the problem increases. If Kinky sex date in Lovelaceville KY Swingers focus on the solution, the solution increases.

A friend is someone who knows the song of your soul and sings it back to you when you have forgotten the words. And finally, a thought for the end of life Please forgive me. Thank you.

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enidngs I love you. If you see what you do each day as your way of loving the world and helping it heal, then life gets to be a lot different.

The difference between burning up and burning out is the difference between loving what you are doing and not loving it.