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Shelton love adventure passion and creativity

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Services Science video hosting Science video production Reactor: Reactor, Video Hosting. All eyes are intently focused at the front of the room.

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Ears perked. A Word from Tricia Shelton.

And innovative teachers know 21st century standards require a 21st century approach. Together with BenchFly, the Shelton Class is learning the art of critical thinking and communication through video. Students focus each experience on their Adventhre, Role, and Technique, making sure all claims are backed up with solid evidence - just like a scientist!

Ready to Shelton love adventure passion and creativity students?

Just press record. She makes us think. A conversation with Tricia Shelton and Alan Marnett.

BF - Is this the best time in history to be an educator? Shelton - Yes.

This encouraged me to use technology in new projects in order to make those global connections. Combining our experiences, Alan and I started bouncing ideas around for how we could use video to enrich student thinking and the ART of Video was born.

Tricia Shelton Class |

In all seriousness, it grew organically out of our shared passion for using technology to facilitate learning. Now filming days are a big deal in the classroom and everyone looks forward to them. The energy is palpable. BF pove Mrs.

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Shelton - You know, it's funny. I've never Shelton love adventure passion and creativity been very technologically savvy, as my family will tell you. But at some point last year I realized the importance of the available technology in leveraging student thinking and learning. I made it my mission to dive in and learn how we can use the cerativity tools in the classroom.

Faculty Profile: Rachel Shelton | Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

Beyond BenchFly, my classes actively use Twitter and Google to engage and learn from other students, educators, and professionals. So I guess I'd say I'm on my way to being a proud technology geek! As we continue to develop the program, we look forward to using video to engage other classrooms, scientists, and people who love to learn from around the world.

Incorporating feedback from students and teachers in real-time will force the program to evolve in search of ever improving student performance. Sharing is adventre. Support the Shelton Class!

I Ready Sex Meeting Shelton love adventure passion and creativity

Click the button above to tweet your support for the Shelton Class. Click the button above to show your support by sharing the Shelton Class story. Simply click the button above to get more Shelton love adventure passion and creativity. Who is BenchFly? BenchFly is the premier science video production platform designed by aadventure and video experts.

We provide both open access and private solutions to labs and companies allowing researchers worldwide to communicate via the universal language — video. Learn more about us.

Request a free site review and we'll audit your website for the best video opportunities. All Rights Reserved.