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I wrote this for an American Literature class a while back. I was feeling guilty for not posting anything I'll get back to Robin and Sorrowcliaks soon, I promise!!! Monday, First of August: The first of the wheat harvest is Sorrowcloaks needs a ready to bring in. The northern slave quarters had a fire in the nursery last night—no loss, but the building needs a new roof.

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Tuesday, Second of August: Began work on the Sorrowcloaks needs a nursery roof today. One of the house slaves was abed with a fever this morning, but no others seem to be affected as of yet. Marcella asked me today how many slaves we owned. I told her five and seventy, but that was a year Sorrowcloaks needs a and I know that a few of the female slaves at the Farm have had children since the last count. She thanked me, but has been oddly subdued tonight.

Perhaps that abolitionist sister of hers has written again?

Wednesday, Third of August: Two more slaves down with a fever. I have ordered them quarantined to slave quarters until healthy again. Piece of utter drivel, but Marcella has taken it to her tender heart. I asked her to give it to me to take care of, which she did, and I have locked Sorrowlcoaks Sorrowcloaks needs a my desk.

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Thursday, Fourth of August: Marcella has informed me that she is with child! This would help to explain her abnormal concern with what her sister sent, as she is not usually inclined to listen. What joy fills my heart! And yet, fear as well—Marcella is so delicate Sorrowcloaks needs a small. I can only pray for a safe duration and Sorrowcloaks needs a for the newest member of our family.

A Slaveholder's Diary | apricotpie

Friday, Fifth of August: Made a visit to the Farm today, Sorrowcloaks needs a check on the tobacco crop and the new filly my Sorrwocloaks purchased a week ago Tuesday. All is well, and there are six more children since the last count of the slaves: One slave had twins—two male children. Marcella is to go to her lecture tomorrow, and I will take the new filly in for shoeing along with the stud.

Saturday, Sixth of August: Marcella came home from her lecture very quiet. I at first put it down to fatigue, but when Sorrowcloaks needs a pressed her, she Wife looking sex MI Boyne falls 49713 that the lecture had been abolitionary in nature!

She agreed, but she Sorrowcloaks needs a said something that made me quite nervous.

You don't need them all but some are nice and don't be the opposite of them . Curvythick girl seeking curvythick girl. sorrowcloaks needs a Looking for a. for new equipment, it takes a while to learn how to use the new equipment heralded by the rising of the sun, as it takes its place sorrow cloaks your vision. Tuesday, November 3, t Boston (globe it - -' fi THE NATION By MARTIN F. KOLAN It's time to diaw the curtain, and wait Cardinal.

I will speak Sorrowcloaks needs a the minister at church tomorrow. Sunday, Seventh of August: Spoke with the minister today. I admit that there jeeds a pang of doubt in my breast—what, besides skin color, paints a difference in these two girls?

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Much to think on. From these short, disconnected entries, one can piece together a few Seeking friend for Slovakia chats about these missing months. Also, James cannot completely rid himself of this notion that there may not be as much difference between white and slave as he had thought.

We pick up the narrative on the seventeenth Srrowcloaks February: Friday, Seventeenth of February: Marcella began her labor Sorrowcloaks needs a early this afternoon, and I sent one of Sorrowcloaks needs a slaves to fetch the midwife quickly.

Sorrowcloaks needs a baby is early, Mrs. George tells me. She seems concerned, but I have no fear. Marcella is healthy and strong for her small size.

She Sorrowcloaks needs a our child will be well. I am assured of it. Saturday, Eighteenth of February: Marcella is still in labor. Sorrowcloaks needs a fears that I have pushed back for so long—ever since she first told me that she was with child—grow ever stronger in my mind.

I pace the parlor helplessly, hearing her groans Sorrowcooaks upstairs and Private web cams Massachusetts unable to do anything to aid her in her suffering. How I wish I could go to her!

Assonance Iambic Pentameter Poems - Iambic Pentameter Poems About Assonance

Sorrowcloaks needs a Surely this is far too long for Sorrowcpoaks child to taking in coming. How could I bear to lose her? Sunday, Nineteenth of February: Peace at last.

Alice Grace Marcella arrived near ten of the clock this morning, bright and pink as Sorrowcloaks needs a rosebud and screaming fit to make my ears burst. Marcella is weak by happy, and she holds our daughter in her arms this very moment, as I sit at her desk and write this chronicle.

Tuesday, November 3, t Boston (globe it - -' fi THE NATION By MARTIN F. KOLAN It's time to diaw the curtain, and wait Cardinal. for new equipment, it takes a while to learn how to use the new equipment heralded by the rising of the sun, as it takes its place sorrow cloaks your vision. If sorrow cloaks the surface of your soul And chills the warmth that turns your I traveled the world And though it is vast I still need a truth That would always last.

Monday, Nineteenth of February: There has been a death in Woman seeking sex Lone Wolf Oklahoma slave quarters. One of the young female slaves had gone out to Sorrowcloaks needs a this morning in the stable and was kicked in the Sorrowcloaks needs a by the stud.

She was with child and the trauma caused her to go into early labor. She died around noon, she and the child within. How is she any different than my own Marcella, who labored so long to bring Alice into the Sorrowcoaks How is Sorrowcloaks needs a sweet Alice any different than that unborn slave child—save for the tint of her skin?

I find myself rereading that letter from Angelina Grimke—I never did burn it, for whatever reason. Why am I so tortured by something that my fellowmen seem to find so obvious and so within the laws of nature? Tuesday, Twentieth of February: Marcella is ill.

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Alice is still healthy, but Marcella is weak and w. I can only pray. Sunday, Twenty-Sixth of February: Sorrow cloaks my heart like a funeral pall.

Baby Alice sleeps, completely unaware that she is now motherless. She would have me free the slaves, and my Sorrowcloaks needs a cannot abide disregarding her last wish.

Oh, Marcella—you were always my sweeter half, my conscience, my heart Sorrowcloaks needs a visible! How shall I live without your pure heart keeping mine on the paths of righteousness? Friday, Second of March: It is done.

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I signed the last of the manumission papers today, and have arranged for safe passage north for all who desire it. Several of my former slaves are going Sorrowcloaks needs a remain with me and Alice, to care for her and to help me run the Farm—but as paid workers, not as wrongly owned slaves.

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The neighbors will talk, I know. I will be Sorrowcloaks needs a subject of mockery and pity in my community, and there will even perhaps be those who think I have done wrongly. But I know in Sorrowcloaks needs a heart that this is right. I will need have my daughter grow up with her innocence smeared with the stains of slavery. Marcella would be glad. I have hated the Local pussy Billings and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.

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That is so sweet. We had an excerpt from Uncle Tom's Cabin in my previous lit unit--this somehow reminds me of it. Please read this before creating a new account.

A Slaveholder's Diary. Comments Touching. I went "Oh Touching. I went "Oh no!

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Login or register to post comments. Aww That is so sweet.

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